Built in functions in Linux In Hindi

Programming languages aur scripting languages mein built-in functions pre-defined functions hoti hain jo specific tasks ko perform karne ke liye available hoti hain. Yeh functions programming language ki standard library ya framework ke hisab se provide hoti hain aur developers inka istemal apne programs aur scripts mein kar sakte hain. Niche kuch commonly used built-in functions ka ek overview diya gaya hai:

Built in functions in Linux In Hindi

1. Mathematical Functions:

  • abs(): Absolute value of a number.
  • sqrt(): Square root of a number.
  • pow(): Exponentiation (power) of a number.
  • sin(), cos(), tan(): Trigonometric functions.
  • rand(): Generate a random number.

2. String Functions:

  • length(): Length (number of characters) of a string.
  • substr(): Extract a substring from a string.
  • index(): Find the position of a substring in a string.
  • split(): Split a string into an array.
  • toupper(), tolower(): Convert string to uppercase or lowercase.

3. Array Functions (in languages that support arrays):

  • push(), pop(): Add or remove elements from an array (in some languages).
  • sort(): Sort an array.
  • join(): Concatenate array elements into a string.
  • length(): Number of elements in an array.

4. File I/O Functions:

  • open(), read(), write(), close(): File handling functions for reading and writing files.
  • fgets(), fputs(): Functions for reading and writing strings from/to files.

5. Date and Time Functions:

  • date(), time(): Get the current date and time.
  • strftime(): Format date and time according to a specified format.

6. Regular Expression Functions:

  • match(): Check if a string matches a regular expression.
  • sub(), gsub(): Substitute text based on regular expressions.

7. Type Conversion Functions:

  • int(), float(), str(): Convert between data types (integer, float, string).
  • bool(): Convert a value to a boolean (true or false).

8. Input and Output Functions:

  • print(), println(): Display output to the console.
  • input(): Read input from the user.

9. List and Dictionary Functions (in languages that support these data structures):

  • append(), remove(): Add or remove elements from a list.
  • keys(), values(): Retrieve keys or values from a dictionary.

The availability of these functions and their usage may vary depending on the programming language you are using. Each language has its own set of built-in functions to perform common tasks efficiently.

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