CSMA CD in computer network in hindi

CSMA/CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection) ek media access control protocol hai jo Ethernet networks mein istemal hota hai. Iska kaam shared communication medium, jaise ki Ethernet cable, ko manage karna aur collisions ko handle karna hota hai jab multiple devices saath mein data transmit karne ki koshish karte hain. Chaliye isko aur detail mein samajhne ki koshish karte hain:

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CSMA CD in computer network in hindi

  1. Carrier Sense (CS): Data transmit karne se pahle, CSMA/CD protocol istemal karne wale device medium ko sense karta hai. Yeh check karta hai ki kya medium khali hai ya koi dusra device transmit kar raha hai. Device medium ko sunta hai aur agar medium khali hai, tab transmit karne ke liye taiyar ho jata hai.

  2. Multiple Access (MA): Agar device sense karta hai ki medium busy hai, yani koi dusra device transmit kar raha hai, toh woh wait karta hai aur medium ko monitor karta hai. Isme multiple devices ek saath medium ko share karte hain. Device medium ko continuously check karta hai ki kab tak busy rahega aur jab medium khali ho jayega.

  3. Collision Detection (CD): Jab device transmit karte samay sense karta hai ki do ya multiple devices saath mein transmit kar rahe hain aur unki transmissions overlap ho rahi hai, toh collision detect karta hai. Device collision ko detect karne ke baad data transmission ko immediately stop kar deta hai. Iske baad device jam signal bhejta hai, jisse collision ko indicate kiya jata hai. Jam signal bhejne ke baad device random wait time wait karta hai, jisse collisions ko avoid kiya ja sake.
CSMACD Protocol in hindi
CSMACD Protocol in hindi

Advantage of CSMA/CD in computer network in hindi

  • Efficient Medium Utilization: CSMA/CD allows devices to share the medium efficiently. Devices only transmit when the medium is idle, reducing the chances of collisions and maximizing the utilization of the medium.

  • Collision Handling: CSMA/CD is designed to handle collisions in case multiple devices transmit simultaneously. It detects collisions and takes appropriate actions to prevent data corruption. This ensures reliable data transmission in Ethernet networks.

  • Scalability: CSMA/CD can be implemented in networks with a large number of devices. It provides a fair and equitable method for devices to access the medium, regardless of the network size.

  • Backoff Algorithm: CSMA/CD uses a backoff algorithm, where devices wait for a random period of time before retransmitting after a collision. This randomization reduces the chances of collisions reoccurring and provides a fair chance for all devices to retransmit.

Overall, CSMA/CD enables efficient and collision-free communication in Ethernet networks, ensuring reliable data transmission and fair access to the shared medium.

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