Repeaters in computer network in hindi – Network Device

Repeaters network devices hote hain jo network signals ko extend karne ke liye istemal kiye jate hain. Inka istemal tab hota hai jab network devices ke beech ki distance maximum specified limit se jyada ho jati hai, jiske karan signal transmission reliable nahi rehta.

Repeaters ka mukhya kaam weak ya degraded signals ko regenerate aur amplify karna hota hai. Jab signals travel karte hain, unka strength aur quality kam ho jata hai. Repeaters signals ko receive karte hain aur unhe restore karke amplify karte hain, jisse unki strength badh jati hai. Fir ye regenerated signals ko further transmit karte hain, jisse network ke dusre devices tak pahunchte hain.

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Repeaters in computer network in hindi – Network Device

Repeaters physical layer par kaam karte hain, jahaan signals analog ya digital form mein transmit hote hain. Ye devices signals ko receive karte hain, unhe analyze karke aur unwanted noise ya distortion remove karke original form mein restore karte hain. Fir ye amplified signals ko transmit karte hain, jisse signals ki range aur strength badh jati hai.

Repeaters multiple types aur forms mein available hote hain. Unki selection network topology, transmission medium, aur required distance extension ke basis par ki jati hai. Ye devices wired networks, wireless networks, aur fiber optic networks mein bhi istemal kiye jate hain.

Repeaters ka istemal network performance improve karne aur signals ko long distances tak transmit karne mein kiya jata hai. Inka istemal signal degradation aur loss ko minimize karta hai, jisse reliable communication maintain kiya ja sakta hai.

Repeaters in computer network in hindi - Network Device
Repeaters in computer network in hindi – Network Device

Advantage of in computer network in hindi

Repeaters ke istemal se kuch faide hote hain:

  1. Signal Range Extension: Repeaters allow network signals to be extended over longer distances. They amplify and regenerate signals, ensuring that they maintain their strength and quality even over extended distances. This enables devices to communicate effectively across larger network areas.

  2. Signal Quality Enhancement: Repeaters help to improve the quality of signals by removing noise, distortion, and other unwanted artifacts that may have been introduced during signal transmission. They regenerate the original signals, ensuring that they are clean and reliable when transmitted to the next network segment.

  3. Network Scalability: Repeaters facilitate network scalability by allowing the expansion of network coverage without compromising signal quality. By extending the reach of network signals, they enable the addition of new devices and the growth of the network infrastructure without the need for major reconfigurations or infrastructure upgrades.

  4. Cost-Effective Solution: Repeaters are often a cost-effective solution for extending network signals. Compared to other alternatives such as replacing cabling or installing additional switches, repeaters provide a more affordable option for overcoming distance limitations in network communications.

  5. Compatibility: Repeaters can be used with various types of network media, including copper cables, fiber optics, and wireless connections. This makes them compatible with different network technologies and allows for seamless integration into existing network setups.

Overall, repeaters play a crucial role in extending network signals, improving signal quality, and enabling the expansion of network coverage. They provide a cost-effective and scalable solution for maintaining reliable communication across larger network areas.

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